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Soft Cable
Cable  Accounting  Software


Our Advanced Accounting Software for Cable Operators solves the problem to maintain their accounts. This Application has been particularly designed so that the Operator can map a Customer detail by a monthly calendar system. It carries the monthly due or paid reports from the date of connection which helps the operator to understand the total payment or due status through out the connection duration (i.e. last 5yrs or 10 yrs or 15 yrs). It also has the Connection , Disconnection and Re-connection Facility.


We made the technical improvement to the Application for communicating with the customer through SMS. That means whenever a new connection is created or a payment is received or a connection has been disconnected, a SMS has automatically been sent to the customers mobile number informing the operation that is made to his account. This SMS Sending Option can also be controlled by the operator so that any unwanted SMS can not be sent to the Customer's Mobile.


Except These Operations, A full reporting system has been given to the Application so that the Operator can Search and Print the Records as per his criteria.


N.B : This Software also is Functional in Pre-Paid or Post-Paid System.






  Record Management System for Deed Writers


This Application is for the Deed Writers to Maintain their Deed Records of Executant and Claimant. The application is dedicated to manage all the records related to Deed Registration. The Software 'Deed Master' is a Web Based Application and very easy to use with a beautiful interface.


We have made this Application as No Huge Investment Policy like our Online Accounting Software - Acculyzer. That means you can use this software only paying a little amount monthly. You can also choose different Plan as per your requirement.


This Software has got the Multi User Accessibility Control which means - you being Administrator of this software, can control the Accessibility of your staff who will operate the software 'Deed Master'.


Security of Database is ensured as the databases are maintained in Cloud and unauthorized access is prohibited. You can also take your database backup when you need.



  Stock Inventory Management System


Technotron Infosys has launched an Application for the Retailers, Whole Sellers, Or Small Shops those who deals with Consumer Products to manage their Stock Inventory and Billing System without having any Technical Knowledge. This Software is based on web technology so that the user can use this application with a normal internet connection. This Sales Purchase Management Software comes with Multi Group and Multi User Accessibility function, as a result the administrator can access all the transactions made at his Shop or Showroom by the Staffs and also the administrator can control the accessibility of the Staffs on this Application.     


Investment :

Most Applications come with a huge Installation charge or High Purchase Cost. As a result Most of the Business Person has to invest a huge amount to maintain his business. But for this Application 'Acculyzer', you need not to invest or pay any huge amount to Purchase. Just Pay a Minimum Amount and use this Full Featured, Multi User Accessibility - Stock Inventory and Billing Software.


Data Security :

Database security is the Main Issue in this kind of Application. Because Most of the Stock Inventory Software is Desktop based and any Unfortunate Hard disk crash or System Failure can loose the whole accounting information and ruin your business. Here your  databases are totally secured from any unauthorized access and no hard disk crash or system failure can harm your database as it is maintained in the cloud. You can also take your database backup when you need.



No Need to Install the Software. Just choose one of the Plan you prefer, register your detail, make the payment and that's it. Your Accounting Software will get activated instantly and ready to use.


  Car WorkShop

Management Software

    Stock Inventory & Billing Software

(Desktop Application)

Vehicle Master Analyzer

This Software is usually for Car Workshops. In can workshop, different vehicle comes for servicing & other maintenance purpose. This application is used to manage the service records of particular vehicle. Not only that, It also gives you the report, that which vehicle comes how many times and what kind of service had done previously and it also tracks the service amount and payment amount of different servicing dates.


Desktop Based Stock Inventory Management Software. Usually for Traders, Retailers, Whole Sellers to Manage their stock, billing, sales, purchase, payment, receipt etc. It is a complete accounting software with a single window work station. This Software is fully SMS integrated although it is desktop based. This feature is to inform to all Sundry Debtor (Resellers) about all their  transactions like - New Billing, Payments, Sale Return, Credit Note etc through SMS.